Month: May 2006

Tough But Getting better

The start of tonight’s journey was tough. Posterior pain when I got on the bike and very lethargic legs. Once we got going though it all eased away. It defiantly is a good route and I feel like I improving. I evening managed to make it up the evil hill past the visitors center. I Read More

The Hill

Out again last night on the 11 miles training route. It seemed shorter than Monday but then again, I knew the route. There’s one hill that I can’t quite make it up yet. It starts off with a steady incline, eases off a bit then get steeper again. On that last stretch I just can’t Read More

No Ride Today

Day I’ve a slight ache in my knees. I think this might be to do with my saddle position so will need to get this checked out. my back isn’t aching as much as it did last week but we’ll see tomorrow if that’s still the case. It’s amazing how you start to feel parts Read More

A Haphazard Reward

After the failure at the weekend I was determined to get out, to try out my new saddle and gear of course, but mostly to ensure I don’t loose the momentum. Even the rain that fell as we got ready didn’t put me off. no route was planned tonight so it was a bit of Read More

When Work Gets in the Way

The weekend didn’t quite go as planned. After the excitement of the shopping trip it was back to work. A project had to be finished over the weekend and I’d planned saturday afternoon and evening to complete it. Unfortunately the work outstanding took longer than anticipated, most of Sunday was taken up with it as Read More


Today was shopping day. The first few training rides have highlighted a definite shopping list. Waterproof jacket, new saddle, additional shorts, cycling tops, a replacement light (goodness knows where my other one got to)… and the list goes on. It was fun shopping for cycling specific garments. As you can guess they don’t do that Read More

Cycling Backwards

The day after didn’t seem that bad. I felt my side abs as I got out of bed but my legs and arms seemed to work as usual – until I got back on the bike! But worst of all was the pain in my posterior. Oh, My God! The Man says I need a Read More

a P.S. to the PT

Got a call 10 mins before last weeks PT session (the first one I’d ever booked). The Trainer was having issues with something – I can’t remember what – so I didn’t go. So much for that being the break I needed! Read More

Change of Plan

ok. the original plan hasn’t been going so well and I’ve a new focus. I’ve signed myself up to do a cycling leg of the John Muir’s Journey for The Wild in June and as I haven’t been on my bike for something like 3 years I’ve got some training to do. It started this Read More

Dancing my feet off

D&G got married at the weekend. A most beautiful day with both looking radiant. An unusual wedding dinner of melon, steak pie and trifle was enjoyed to the full and then unceremoniously burnt away with the ceilidh. I managed all but two turns (one Gay Gordons and The St. Bernard’s Waltz i think) and by Read More

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