Month: September 2006

White bread

Three slices of white bread today as I ironed a shirt for my afternoon meeting. I’m starving now! Read More


The Man is away for a few weeks on business. When he’s away I seem to turn into a vegetable (potato mostly so not that healthy!) and loose all ability to function rationally. Healthy eating tends to be the first thing that goes out the window and the sofa becomes a really easy, comfortable place Read More

Be the Bike!

The Man was shopping a few weeks ago for additions to his new montain bike, which included clipless pedals. I had agreed in the past to try these type of pedals (secretly hoping never to have to) so he bought me a pair. Oh, what fun we had putting them on! You can get the Read More

The Timer is Everything!

Had a good chat with Dz yesterday about the food and the decision making. Got some stuff sorted out and refreshed my outlook. Tonight I had a grand plan of Pork chops and apple served with jacket potato, mushrooms and courgettes. All was going well if a little late (didn’t start cooking until 8 ). Read More

sweet mash and tangy blue cheese

Our Pan-fried bacon-wrapped chicken breast with cheesy butternut squash mash turned into chicken breast stuffed with spinach and blue cheese served with mixed spice butternut squash mash and roasted baby corgettes. The butternut squash was not the easiest to peel but the sweet mash complimented the tangy blue cheese to a t. Delicious! — Oven Read More

It’s pan fried!

Found a recipe for Pan-fried bacon-wrapped chicken breast with cheesy butternut squash mash. I may leave out the bacon and might think about a less heavy cheese (or not!) and see how it goes. Read More

Pot Luck with the A-Z

Ok, so we’ve to eat 5 a day. But how do you do that if you manage that with what I call a limited pallett? It was always such a chore for my mum to get us to eat vegetables when we were growing up. I blame this to some degree on my sister (not Read More

fat willow?

How gutted am I. Willow was meant to be a little on the larger side – go yeah with the less than slender on our tv sets – but I have to say I’m sad that Alyson Hannigan wasn’t their first choice. Wander what changed their minds. Watch the Unaired Buffy the Vampire Pilot Read More

Airport Scran

Went to pick up the Man from the aiport this lunch time so grabbed some grub there. Costa Coffee cheese and ham toastie and a chocolate pastry twirl. Oh, and bottle of water. Thumbs up on the bottle of water, thumbs down on the rest for so many reasons! Read More

Creeping Ninja

So I know I lost the motivation but it’s time to get it back. The weight is creeping back on, slowly, stealthily, like a Ninja on the rooftops. I’ve not been attentive. I’ve looked the other way, ignoring it in the vain hope that it will just walk on by and attach itself to some Read More

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