Month: October 2006

Fancy Footwear

It was a night to remember! Ceilidh dancing always is but this was even better. Weddings are those occasions when you may or may not know someone out with your own circle of friends. This was different! I knew loads of folk there so it was more than just a wedding, more than just a Read More

I can’t dance

The bad back appeared again a few weeks back and it’s been really hard to get motivated. Lack of mobility had really effected me as I’m not moving as easily and so am being less active in general. We are going to a wedding tomorrow, which includes a ceilidh but I’m not sure how much Read More


Why I am suprised that there are web apps online to help you monitor your weight loss is a mystery. There are web apps for pretty much everything else so why not weight loss monitors. CenterNetworks is reviewing a few of these – Traineo Skinnyr RunFatBoy I might just have to see what he Read More

Screaming Trousers

I’m feeling the pull at the moment. It’s not good. It’s the pull of shrinking trousers, screaming against the strain. Read More

I feel like dancing

This weekend has been a dancing weekend. Saturday night was the JMT End of Journey Ceilidh at St George’s West. It was pretty cool. The Man couldn’t make it (is someplace in the us), which was pretty pants as I know I can always force him onto the dance floor when I want to dance Read More