Month: October 2007

Oh how I love a good Ceilidh

I’m wasting time surfing the internet at work today and have happened upon video of a Ceilidh band. I love a good Ceilidh but most bands are much of a muchness. Kilter Ceilidh Band  looks pretty amazing – really jazzed up music. I can’t stop my toes tapping as I type. They’ve a glasow number so not Read More

Testing the City

I’m in The City again today, and today should be the test of how I really feel about it. The to-do list is pretty complicated today so I could have easily made an number of excuses to avoid the travelling. I could feel them slipping into my mind when I wasn’t looking. Postive Mental Attitude Read More

A Month of Sundays

Bad month Feeling down Lost no weight no, not a pound Doctor says not to frown pick it up and write things down It wasn’t all quite that bad I took the stairs I’m not that sad I’ve picked it up I’m writing down I’m walking Miles My smile’s been found Read More

The Big City

Got some office space in the city and am taking the train in. stood for the journey – good for the muscles and balance. Office is on the 4th floor. Lots of steps, which I walked up today. Couldn’t speak for a few mintues when I reached the top, but that should improve. Next task Read More

Body Balance Part II

4th week of Body Balance and I’m hooked. Can’t wrap my legs around my body yet, but there’s time for that – isn’t there. Read More