Month: March 2008

Aliens have landed

An alien came in our veg bag this week. It looked a lot like one of the little green men from Toy Story. It raised the question – Has alien life landed in West Lothian? I think not. It’s actually a Kohl-rabi. (go look at the picture on Wikipedia – they really are like the Read More

Standing on The Pelvic Floor

After what seemed like an eternity of hobbling around the house with a hot poker in my back I went to see Dr Mac about the pain. One referral later and I lying face down on the physio’s bed with her hands acting like the hot pokers! Yesterday was my second visit and by the Read More

I’m in to let the Chickens Out!

It’s easy to ignore where our meat comes from. It’s easy to walk the supermarket isles and pick up the most for your money. But do we think enough about where the food is coming from, how it’s produced and how it lives. I’ve been watching ‘Hugh’s Chicken Run’ and have found the programme very Read More

Mint and the Gardener

Did a dish with mint last night but when I went out to the garden I realised the tub had blown over and the mint really wasn’t thriving that much. Everyone always says that mint is prolific. ‘It will take of the garden if you give it a chance!’. Well, true to the luck of Read More