Month: June 2008

The Lost art of Eating Oranges

I’m quite proud that I can cut up my own food. When I was a kid, and I hadn’t quite mastered how to use the knife and fork together, it was quite exceptable for my mum (bless her) to lean over the dinner table and cut up my food so I could just take the fork and shovel Read More

Looking at the Food I’m Wasting

Buy the food, then throw it away! Not a good look. It costs me to buy the food so why do I feel happy about throwing it away. I’m looking at my food waste and how I can reduce it. I’ve already started with my home composting (mentioned in September but never really spoken about Read More

2nd Time Round…

… was slightly easier and much quicker but I could feel the burn above my knees – a punishment from lack of use. I won’t even mention the pain in the posterior. Now to keep going when I get home I’ve investigated a few routes to build on this weeks fun. Harlaw – Balerno Circular 12.4km Harlaw Read More

Short but sweet

I’ve had this bike for something like 12 years. Yesterday I learnt how to replace the chain. That should give you some idea of how much I use it. It’s treated me better than I’ve been treating it though and I have no need to complain. Chain fixed and hands washed I was ready for Read More

Chain Gang

After the problems with my back over the last ½ year and the painful visits to the physio, I didn’t know when I was going to get back on my bike. Having left it so long I’ve been a little nervous, especially after the Panic on the Hill, and the longer it’s been the more Read More