Month: July 2008


Now I’m trying to extend my recipe base and cooking skills. I can easily serve up a meat and two veg but I think my repetoir lacks interest and that starts to make dinner time boring. Searching today for a salad to serve with Jamie’s Grilled lamb kofta kebabs I found a video site that Read More


Bought some organic beetroot the other day, boiled them in their skins and, when they were cool, just peeled away the skin. Very easy to do, although they do make your finger tips pink and The Man has an annoying (but healthy) habit of picking at the veg as I prepare dinner. I served these Read More

I Want to be Fat!

I want to weigh less I want to be slimmer I want to fit into smaller clothes I want to be able to breath at the top of the fourth floor I want to be fat and it’s my first goal – I working on getting fat. Confused? Well I’m currently Very Fat. The nice Height/Weight Read More

Helping with the Burn

I’ve also just found a calorie calculator at the Food Standards Agency website  to work out how many calories I’ve burnt in exerices. Read More

Calorie Counting

I don’t normally do the calorie counting thing – partly because I get bored easily, but mostly because I’d have to stop ignoring what I eat. Yesterday however, I sat and ate a bag a really delicious chocolate coated almonds, pecans and macadamias from Sainsbury’s and it one of the first time I’ve taken note Read More

What am I waiting for?

I woke during the night to indigestion. This will be the third time in the last week and is a serious indication that my eating habits have slipped – drastically. I remember a night last year when I woke and thought I was going to die, only to find out I was suffering from indigestion. Read More