Month: April 2011

The Static Bike

First time in while I’ve been on the trainer. 10 mins to test the set up. Gears aren’t working and the tyres need pumping. Service required. Best I’d get to that! Read More

Happiness is Only Put on a Pound

Ok, so first weight check since October today and I only put on a pound! That’s with Christmas and no exercise, except shovelling snow that is, oh, and last week’s stroll or course.   I had a good chat with Nurse A and am feeling pretty good! First goal 8 lbs. by next weigh in, Read More

Not a bad plan

So the blisters are almost gone and the ache in my legs has receded. I need to keep moving so I’ve thought about what I get enjoyment from. I enjoyed walking in new, out of town places but didn’t enjoy the pace. Walking with that group of people probably isn’t a possibility until my fitness Read More