Month: September 2011

Slave to Food

Just watched episode one of Claire Richards’ Slave to Food and it has left me slightly unsettled, but I’m just not sure why. Pressure on Claire started before she was in Steps, with weight loss being a prerequisite of getting the job. She admits that she always thought she was the fat one and you Read More

Good foods

Vegetables Potato Rice Polenta Wf bread Rivera Nuts Hummus Oats? Cornflakes? Rice crispies Beans Fruit Meat Fish Lentils Gf pizza Stew Casserole Gf soy sauce Chickpeas Soybean Quinoa This is a quick brain dump and is not an exhaustive list by any means. I will add to this as I develop my diet. Read More

Bad Food

Here’s my list of foods to remove from my diet. Bread Pasta Cake Biscuits Roles Quiche Pasty Pork pie Pie Cous cous Alpen Weetabix Pancakes Poppadoms Nan bread Soy sauce Msg Sausages Corned beef Breadcrumbs Crackers Stuffing Custard Ice-cream Gravy Funny how this list includes many high fat, high sugar foods. Maybe my body is Read More

Taking Advice

A wonderful woman gave me some advice on how to approach a wheat free diet. She suggested an initial 30 day process to trial the change. This will remove the instinctive rejection that total change often brings, but will likely change my eating habit long term. The second suggestion is to list the items to Read More