2nd Time Round…

… was slightly easier and much quicker but I could feel the burn above my knees – a punishment from lack of use. I won’t even mention the pain in the posterior.

Now to keep going when I get home I’ve investigated a few routes to build on this weeks fun.

  • Harlaw – Balerno Circular 12.4km
  • Harlaw – Currie – Balerno Circluar 14.3km
  • Cycle home for Balerno – 12.4km
  • West Calder – Kirknewton Circular 30.3km

A combination of 1 – 3 will give me around 20km so I should be able to increase in steps of 10km. There’s an extention of the West Calder route via Cobbinshaw to take this to 40km and The Man has a 60km that goes via Carnwarth. If I can get there by the end of August I’ll be well on the way for reaching 80km in September.

Typing this was the easy part. Now I just need to get on my padded pants and get going!

Categories: cycling, exercise