the journey

I’m on a journey and it’s going to take some time. I’ll need patience and determination to see it through.

Crossroads will be reached everyday and standing, staring at the options I’ll have to make choices. The right choice won’t often be the easiest choice but I’ll just have to overcome that. When I take a wrong turn I’ll end up back where are started – if not further back.

This is my journal, my blank sheet, my note book and more.

This is the story of my long jounrey thin.


P.s. this blog started as a weight loss journal… exercise and food. I have realised that my journey is more than this. It is about my mental wellbeing as well as my physical state. The two are intertwined.

So, my journey is more than the number on a scale, more than an value on a chart, more than the size on a dress label.

It’s the level of depression, the dose of anti depressants, the number of happy days, the worth I place on myself.


I’ll leave this hete for reference.

start weight 107kg (236lb)

goal weight 64kg (140lb)

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