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Last post was about finding Zumba. I found Zumba and I got addicted. This week was the first time that I decided not to go to class without there being a need to do something else. I was tired, I still am. I promised myself that I would not force myself to go to class. Read More

I just found Zumba! I just found Zumba!

I just found Zumba! For those of you who have already found it you know I don’t need to say much more. Before Christmas I went to a few classes that were a mix of Latin and street that were making out to be Zumba. They really weren’t. This week saw me at my first Read More

Oh how I love a good Ceilidh

I’m wasting time surfing the internet at work today and have happened upon video of a Ceilidh band. I love a good Ceilidh but most bands are much of a muchness. Kilter Ceilidh Band  looks pretty amazing – really jazzed up music. I can’t stop my toes tapping as I type. They’ve a glasow number so not Read More

One Small Step

Sunday was a weird day. For all the work I had to do and plans for completing projects (or moving projects forward) I couldn’t get motivated. I couldn’t get myself into the office to get going. Perhaps by body was telling me that it really didn’t want to. That it needed some time out, time Read More

A New Day, A New Plan

Having lost motivation recently it has been difficult to move myself to action. I say the words and make the speech. “I want to loose weight, I want to get fit, I want to put my socks on with ease”. But my heart hasn’t been in it. But now I’m starting to get the first Read More

Fancy Footwear

It was a night to remember! Ceilidh dancing always is but this was even better. Weddings are those occasions when you may or may not know someone out with your own circle of friends. This was different! I knew loads of folk there so it was more than just a wedding, more than just a Read More

I feel like dancing

This weekend has been a dancing weekend. Saturday night was the JMT End of Journey Ceilidh at St George’s West. It was pretty cool. The Man couldn’t make it (is someplace in the us), which was pretty pants as I know I can always force him onto the dance floor when I want to dance Read More

Dancing my feet off

D&G got married at the weekend. A most beautiful day with both looking radiant. An unusual wedding dinner of melon, steak pie and trifle was enjoyed to the full and then unceremoniously burnt away with the ceilidh. I managed all but two turns (one Gay Gordons and The St. Bernard’s Waltz i think) and by Read More