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Not Much Mistletoe, But Quite a Bit of Wine.

A fabulous few weeks with family drinking wine and eating chocolate. Not a good idea for the grand plan but good for the soul. And a trip to the Doctor yesterday indicates that there wasn’t quite that much chocolate. Only 2kgs on over two weeks of festive fun and four weeks away from my gym Read More

Dancing my feet off

D&G got married at the weekend. A most beautiful day with both looking radiant. An unusual wedding dinner of melon, steak pie and trifle was enjoyed to the full and then unceremoniously burnt away with the ceilidh. I managed all but two turns (one Gay Gordons and The St. Bernard’s Waltz i think) and by Read More


75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Not sure what percentage is of British are, but my last evaluation had me at 39.3% hydrated and I should be 50-60% so I’m quite dehydrated. VW says that if I could increase this my body fat value would decrease. So that’s one of my mini goals – increase Read More


My usual smoothie recipe is just fruit and juice. What ever is available goes in the pot to be woshz-woshzed. Gonna try something differently tomorrow though – gonna put some yogurt in it and see how that affects the flavor/consistency. This experiment is for no other reason than i’ve got some yogurt in the fridge. Read More