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Walking Buddy

There used to be a time when I’d find any excuse not to walk. Strange, since I learnt to walk at such an early age and have been dabbling in it for such a long time. A lot of the problem has been a question of speed. My hill walking friends walk as an activity Read More

A Fair Weather Girl

I have to admit it. I’m a fair weather girl. The winter is a time for tucking up lovely and snug with a delicious bowl of heart smothering calories. But over the last few weeks the sun has been facing the world each day with its inviting warmth and tempting light. Now is the time Read More

Get over it!

Last post was March and it’s now July. That’s 5 months of avoiding my health, my fitness and my sanity. There are reasons and there are excuses; I can’t be bothered with any of them. Something shook me out of the downward spiral – the (upward) scale reading that I have been avoiding. It’s also Read More

It’s a Question of Balance

Work/life balance, Inner balance, Balance board, Bank balance, It’s a question of balance At the end of week 3 with the Wii Fit I realise I’ve got to shift 6lb in the final week. Much of this is due to the complete disregard of healthy eating in the last few weeks. So yesterday I made Read More

Wii Fit – Finally!

Finally caught a Wii Fit in stock at HMV last week. If I wasn’t laughing so much with The Man I’d get quite upset when my little Mii suddenly got wider after I’d under gone the first fit test. And oh, what fun it is to hula hoop with no hoop! Read More

My Cycling Mantra

“My legs are still moving My heart is still pumping My lungs are still breathing  I am still alive” And if I can tell you this while still on my bike, I’m doing ok Read More

Comfortably Numb

Over this journey I have come to realise that I must change my daily routine, making fitness and healthy living part of my lifestyle rather than a choice of activity. I also think though, that I need to challenge myself, to push myself further, and next month I’ll be doing just that when I cycle the 50 miles from Read More

Helping with the Burn

I’ve also just found a calorie calculator at the Food Standards Agency website  to work out how many calories I’ve burnt in exerices. Read More

2nd Time Round…

… was slightly easier and much quicker but I could feel the burn above my knees – a punishment from lack of use. I won’t even mention the pain in the posterior. Now to keep going when I get home I’ve investigated a few routes to build on this weeks fun. Harlaw – Balerno Circular 12.4km Harlaw Read More

Short but sweet

I’ve had this bike for something like 12 years. Yesterday I learnt how to replace the chain. That should give you some idea of how much I use it. It’s treated me better than I’ve been treating it though and I have no need to complain. Chain fixed and hands washed I was ready for Read More

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