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Yay for my holiday!

For the next two weeks I am on holiday in Shanghai. There’s no use trying to prepare for a healthy living experience, when you’re not sure of what you will experience in general. So for the coming weeks I’m going to see how it goes. If I’m healthy all the better. Read More


Want a wheat free day today if I’m in the air for 12 hours tomorrow. Airplane toilets aren’t my idea of a classy joint so I’ll try to avoid them if at all possible. Note to self: investigate wheat free diets further. 08.30 Breakfast Porridge, raisins, syrup 13:45 Lunch Ryvita, gammon slices, brie, flora, mayo, Read More

Happy Easter

Growing up we always had chocolate eggs at Easter – loads of them. Mum & Dad would get us all a large chocolate egg and then Brother, Sister and me would buy eggs for each other – usually Cadbury’s cream eggs or, my favorite, Galaxy truffle eggs. What ever happened to them? They were the Read More

the domino effect – aka: Saturday – Part II

So much for trying to be good before my holiday. After the slug and lettuce wedges disaster work got the better of me and come 8 o’clock I was feeling hungry, hadn’t planned and lacked any kind of real will power. Dominoes pizza is such a fine place. All you got to do is call Read More

Saturday – Part I

Food so far today: Breakfast 11:30 – Smoothie: banana, blueberries, cranberry juice, no yogurt :o( Lunch 13:00 – Slug and lettuce: potato wedges, lamb casserole, g&t Great breakfast but OMG, what a lunch. Slug & Lettuce is a v good pub/restaurant. Trendy with relaxing atmosphere. but be warned – potato wedges are humungous. Instead of Read More


My usual smoothie recipe is just fruit and juice. What ever is available goes in the pot to be woshz-woshzed. Gonna try something differently tomorrow though – gonna put some yogurt in it and see how that affects the flavor/consistency. This experiment is for no other reason than i’ve got some yogurt in the fridge. Read More


09.00 Breakfast: Porridge, raisins, syrup, cranberry Juice 13.30 Lunch: Broccoli soup, boiled Egg, tomato, wrap, salad cream cranberry Juice 17.00 Snack: Wrap, banana, syrup, sugar bored with work. 19.30 Dinner: Broccoli soup, chicken, pasta, sauce (onion, garlic, tomato, mushroom, mushroom ketchup, herbs), melon, cherry, sugar, 1 glass red wine (2002 Chianti) veg – 3 fruit Read More

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