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She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.   Elizabeth Edwards Read More

Motivating me / That voice in my head

Looking to please Looking for approval Making people happy That’s what motivates me I’m working on me Now I’ve put you in my head It is the you in my head that I am listening to It is the you in my head that is guiding the way It should not be the you in Read More

All About Me

12km walk on Saturday and I’m feeling it today. What I’m also feeling is more motivation to get serious about making a change. I talk too much but don’t do enough. I also look outside for assistance in motivation but that just doesn’t work. I was brought up to rely on others and it’s a Read More

Not a bad plan

So the blisters are almost gone and the ache in my legs has receded. I need to keep moving so I’ve thought about what I get enjoyment from. I enjoyed walking in new, out of town places but didn’t enjoy the pace. Walking with that group of people probably isn’t a possibility until my fitness Read More

My Weight Loss Plan

Ok, back on the bike again with half an hour on the cross trainer. Now I need to make a plan for healthy eating and find a way to keep my motivation up. To help with my motivation Make a food plan Write my shopping list based on this Carry out visualization techniques Write down Read More

Get over it!

Last post was March and it’s now July. That’s 5 months of avoiding my health, my fitness and my sanity. There are reasons and there are excuses; I can’t be bothered with any of them. Something shook me out of the downward spiral – the (upward) scale reading that I have been avoiding. It’s also Read More

It’s a Question of Balance

Work/life balance, Inner balance, Balance board, Bank balance, It’s a question of balance At the end of week 3 with the Wii Fit I realise I’ve got to shift 6lb in the final week. Much of this is due to the complete disregard of healthy eating in the last few weeks. So yesterday I made Read More

Why am I not doing it?

If I lose 2 lb per week, with a little leeway over Christmas, I will have lost 7 stone by this time next year. If I lose 1 lb per week, I will have lost 3 stone by Christmas. I have to ask myself “Why am I not doing it?” Read More

My Cycling Mantra

“My legs are still moving My heart is still pumping My lungs are still breathing  I am still alive” And if I can tell you this while still on my bike, I’m doing ok Read More

Comfortably Numb

Over this journey I have come to realise that I must change my daily routine, making fitness and healthy living part of my lifestyle rather than a choice of activity. I also think though, that I need to challenge myself, to push myself further, and next month I’ll be doing just that when I cycle the 50 miles from Read More

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