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Bought some organic beetroot the other day, boiled them in their skins and, when they were cool, just peeled away the skin. Very easy to do, although they do make your finger tips pink and The Man has an annoying (but healthy) habit of picking at the veg as I prepare dinner. I served these Read More

Looking at the Food I’m Wasting

Buy the food, then throw it away! Not a good look. It costs me to buy the food so why do I feel happy about throwing it away. I’m looking at my food waste and how I can reduce it. I’ve already started with my home composting (mentioned in September but never really spoken about Read More

Aliens have landed

An alien came in our veg bag this week. It looked a lot like one of the little green men from Toy Story. It raised the question – Has alien life landed in West Lothian? I think not. It’s actually a Kohl-rabi. (go look at the picture on Wikipedia – they really are like the Read More

I’m in to let the Chickens Out!

It’s easy to ignore where our meat comes from. It’s easy to walk the supermarket isles and pick up the most for your money. But do we think enough about where the food is coming from, how it’s produced and how it lives. I’ve been watching ‘Hugh’s Chicken Run’ and have found the programme very Read More

What the Fennel is all this about! Part II

I did the Mackerel and fennel dish last week and I will defiantly use fennel again with its wonderful aniseed flavour. The fish tasted good but over all the dish was a bit of a palaver to make. I’d started cooking late after a gym class and it took far too long to prepare the Read More

What the Fennel is all this about!

My only experience with fennel is the herb, so research mode came to ahead this morning when I found a fennel bulb in the vegetable bag. I’ve been surfing the web to find out more and have found some interesting recipes. Allrecipes and BBC Food have great ideas and I also found WHFoods, which provide a great Read More

Chicken Casserole

Last week’s vegetable bag contained leek, Broadbeans, salad, tomatoes, carrots, onion and potatoes. Shame I’d done a food shop a few days before the bag came as now we’ve mucho potatoes and salad. Not to worry, It will not go to waste. If I can’t get round to making a veg. soup, I’ve ordered a compost Read More

sweet mash and tangy blue cheese

Our Pan-fried bacon-wrapped chicken breast with cheesy butternut squash mash turned into chicken breast stuffed with spinach and blue cheese served with mixed spice butternut squash mash and roasted baby corgettes. The butternut squash was not the easiest to peel but the sweet mash complimented the tangy blue cheese to a t. Delicious! — Oven Read More

It’s pan fried!

Found a recipe for Pan-fried bacon-wrapped chicken breast with cheesy butternut squash mash. I may leave out the bacon and might think about a less heavy cheese (or not!) and see how it goes. Read More