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My Weight Loss Plan

Ok, back on the bike again with half an hour on the cross trainer. Now I need to make a plan for healthy eating and find a way to keep my motivation up. To help with my motivation Make a food plan Write my shopping list based on this Carry out visualization techniques Write down Read More

It’s a Question of Balance

Work/life balance, Inner balance, Balance board, Bank balance, It’s a question of balance At the end of week 3 with the Wii Fit I realise I’ve got to shift 6lb in the final week. Much of this is due to the complete disregard of healthy eating in the last few weeks. So yesterday I made Read More

Looking at the Food I’m Wasting

Buy the food, then throw it away! Not a good look. It costs me to buy the food so why do I feel happy about throwing it away. I’m looking at my food waste and how I can reduce it. I’ve already started with my home composting (mentioned in September but never really spoken about Read More

The vegetable bag came!

I was tired, I was low and was feeling sorry for myself and then the vegetable bag came. I am so excited that the vegetable bag came. In the past few months I’ve been more focused on the food I eat.  I want healthy food. I want fresh food. I want food I can trust. Read More


Today was shopping day. The first few training rides have highlighted a definite shopping list. Waterproof jacket, new saddle, additional shorts, cycling tops, a replacement light (goodness knows where my other one got to)… and the list goes on. It was fun shopping for cycling specific garments. As you can guess they don’t do that Read More

Sore feet – part I

out hill walking at the weekend and have just completed the shopping for it. needed food that is light weight, in case I have to carry it all, and that is easy and quick to cook on a camp stove. not the best food for healthy living but at least I’ll have walked for 8 Read More

The Fabric Market

Haggling the price of fabric at the market was an interesting sight to see. The Man’s Sister, L, has an air of boredom about her as if she can’t believe they are still trying to inflate the price because she’s a westerner. They soon realise it just isn’t worth it. 20rmb for a meter of Read More