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Happiness is Only Put on a Pound

Ok, so first weight check since October today and I only put on a pound! That’s with Christmas and no exercise, except shovelling snow that is, oh, and last week’s stroll or course.   I had a good chat with Nurse A and am feeling pretty good! First goal 8 lbs. by next weigh in, Read More

Get over it!

Last post was March and it’s now July. That’s 5 months of avoiding my health, my fitness and my sanity. There are reasons and there are excuses; I can’t be bothered with any of them. Something shook me out of the downward spiral – the (upward) scale reading that I have been avoiding. It’s also Read More

Wii Fit – Finally!

Finally caught a Wii Fit in stock at HMV last week. If I wasn’t laughing so much with The Man I’d get quite upset when my little Mii suddenly got wider after I’d under gone the first fit test. And oh, what fun it is to hula hoop with no hoop! Read More

Comfortably Numb

Over this journey I have come to realise that I must change my daily routine, making fitness and healthy living part of my lifestyle rather than a choice of activity. I also think though, that I need to challenge myself, to push myself further, and next month I’ll be doing just that when I cycle the 50 miles from Read More

I Want to be Fat!

I want to weigh less I want to be slimmer I want to fit into smaller clothes I want to be able to breath at the top of the fourth floor I want to be fat and it’s my first goal – I working on getting fat. Confused? Well I’m currently Very Fat. The nice Height/Weight Read More

Standing on The Pelvic Floor

After what seemed like an eternity of hobbling around the house with a hot poker in my back I went to see Dr Mac about the pain. One referral later and I lying face down on the physio’s bed with her hands acting like the hot pokers! Yesterday was my second visit and by the Read More

Body Balance

Finally got to a Body Balance class last night and what an experience! I must have been carrying quite a bit of baggage in my head because after just the Tia chi warm up and the yoga sun salutation I was a mess. I’d hoped the class would bring me some balance but didn’t think Read More

Fancy Footwear

It was a night to remember! Ceilidh dancing always is but this was even better. Weddings are those occasions when you may or may not know someone out with your own circle of friends. This was different! I knew loads of folk there so it was more than just a wedding, more than just a Read More

I can’t dance

The bad back appeared again a few weeks back and it’s been really hard to get motivated. Lack of mobility had really effected me as I’m not moving as easily and so am being less active in general. We are going to a wedding tomorrow, which includes a ceilidh but I’m not sure how much Read More

Screaming Trousers

I’m feeling the pull at the moment. It’s not good. It’s the pull of shrinking trousers, screaming against the strain. Read More

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