Chain Gang

After the problems with my back over the last ½ year and the painful visits to the physio, I didn’t know when I was going to get back on my bike. Having left it so long I’ve been a little nervous, especially after the Panic on the Hill, and the longer it’s been the more reluctant I’ve become.

A week’s holiday has come and the positive action of taking the bike seemed like a good idea when getting ready. After huffing and puffing, squeezing and pushing, The Man finally managed to fit everything into the car. After the trouble it caused I dared not avoid taking my bike out. So that’s what I did. A short cycling around the local streets would get me back in the saddle, practicing clip and unclip. Having left it so long, though, I had actually forgotten how to use my gears. After a short flat ride (of less than ½ km) I had my first hill and that’s when catastrophe hit. Struggling to remember which gears to choose I ended doing too much at once, changing both front and back gears, making my chain jump off in the process. What happened next was anyone’s guess. When I stopped and looked down I’d managed not just to jump the chain off the cogs, but also wrap it quite spectacularly around my pedal stem – Not a healthy way to treat your chain! So much for my first time back in the saddle. New chain now required.

Categories: cycling, exercise