Fancy Footwear

It was a night to remember! Ceilidh dancing always is but this was even better. Weddings are those occasions when you may or may not know someone out with your own circle of friends. This was different! I knew loads of folk there so it was more than just a wedding, more than just a dance, more than just a night away.

I had special shoes – dancing shoes. They were too big, they slipped off, they gave me blisters. But they were dancing shoes. I just need to work on the right size. Then it will all be alright. Dancing shoes are magic shoes!

And talking of footwear – I should have realised that the group of people I was with would want to go for a walk to rid themselves of the last vestige of hangover, to ease their aching danced out muscles. Always have a pair of walking shoes in your boot. Not healed boots (like what I had) but walking boots. Not dancing shoes (like I had) but walking shoes.

Maybe I’ve found the answer to life, the universe and everything – get the right footwear!

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