It’s a Question of Balance

Work/life balance,
Inner balance,
Balance board,
Bank balance,
It’s a question of balance

At the end of week 3 with the Wii Fit I realise I’ve got to shift 6lb in the final week. Much of this is due to the complete disregard of healthy eating in the last few weeks.

So yesterday I made a food plan that’s now pinned on the kitchen wall. I’ll shop only when I need to and will only buy what’s on the list. Hopefully this will help the bank balance too.

I’m love the Wii btw. I’m regularly playing the balance and yoga games – great fun. Need to keep motivated with this but need to make sure it doesn’t become the only activity I do.

I’m quite boring myself with this post – so goodness knows what you are thinking about it. My brain really hasn’t engaged today. That would be the sherry last night, me thinks.

I’ll be back on the board when the hangover clears.

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