Learning Nothing New

A long day ended with pizza and shandy last night. It’s now five o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting up after a serious episode of acid reflux.

It was a high fat food day, starting with bacon and sausage for breakfast. This is not a usual breakfast for my but a lack of preparation before a 6.30 start meant taking the easy route. Add to that Tiredness that sent me to bed shortly after dinner and now I’m suffering.

A little bit of surfing (before I head back to bed) to find some guidance on what foods cause acid indigestion and I found the following article on a low acid diet.


Interesting read but, combined with the other articles and sites on the subject, there really are no surprises. Eat vegetables, whole grains, and fish; avoid high fat foods, meats, soft drinks and alcohol.

Oh, and don’t eat after 8pm.

Night, night!

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