Looking at the Food I’m Wasting

Buy the food, then throw it away! Not a good look. It costs me to buy the food so why do I feel happy about throwing it away.

I’m looking at my food waste and how I can reduce it. I’ve already started with my home composting (mentioned in September but never really spoken about again) and by cooking and freezing (I mean, what’s a freezer if not to fill with food).

We stopped the fruit from the veg bag. We just weren’t eating it and it was regularly going into the compost bin. Good for the fruit flies, not so good for the pocket. I worry though, that we’re not eating enough fruit. Funny how I used never to eat vegetables and now I’m not worried about there – just that I’m not getting the fruit in.

The other day we cleared out the cupboard of out-of-date packets. Quite a bit was throw away, although we made sure we recycled the packaging.

So what more can I do? Here are a few things I can think about.

  • finding recipes for leftover food (see Lovefoodhatewaste)
  • keep an eye on sell by dates
  • Don’t buy more than I need
  • take a shopping list to the supermarket
  • don’t be caught up in the 3 for 2 offers unless we plan to use the purchase
  • store veg in the fridge?
  • make soup – stilton, spinach, carrot …
  • freeze more

All this food talk is making me hungry. Wander what I’ve got in the fridge for dinner.

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