Meditating through Grief

It’s been a while since I carried out my meditation practice. I don’t know why I stopped.

This week i began again with the Headspace app. This now has a grief pack. Looking through the app it seems that here are many new packs ready to be explored. But first, the grief pack.

I’ve not been feeling much since returning home. I think being away from mum and the rest if the family has given me distance from dad’s death, and from that, a return to normality.

A chat with another Headspacer prodded me into action, and so a return to those 10 or 20 minutes sitting, focusing only on my breath. And with the pack comes the permission to cry, to let the tears flow, without resistance. Just with focus on the breath.

Tonight I needed this. Tonight the grief hit me. Whether because It’s the end of the week or because I am alone with my thought I’m unsure.  But the sadness hit me like a crashing wave. After the calm of no feeling I have been pulled under to a swirling current.

I let myself be.

I let the sorrow and sobbing come. I embraced it. This was due.

This is how I will heal.



Image credit: Ant Rozetsky @unsplash