My Weight Loss Plan

Ok, back on the bike again with half an hour on the cross trainer. Now I need to make a plan for healthy eating and find a way to keep my motivation up.

To help with my motivation

  • Make a food plan
  • Write my shopping list based on this
  • Carry out visualization techniques
  • Write down what I eat
  • Increase my knowledge of how food and exercise affect the body
  • Plan rewards for success

I’m also going to try and keep to the following guidelines and see how this helps.

  • Change one thing at a time
  • Park further from the door
  • Walk when I don’t need to drive
  • Leave food on the plate. It can be used as leftovers tomorrow
  • Put the cutlery down between bites and wait until I have finished a mouthful before picking them up again
  • Don’t be distracted while eating i.e. with tv
  • Eat several smaller meals/snakes during the course of the day
  • Don’t miss breakfast
  • Don’t eat after 7.30pm (that’s my time so 8pm for everyone else)
  • Brush my teeth after eating (or chew gum?)
  • Trim fat from meat before cooking
  • Use a small plate
  • Learn portion sizes
  • Sort out the freezer – remove unhealthy food and add healthy, quick to prepare foods. i.e. frozen fruit and veg, chicken portions
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach
  • Get out at lunch time for a walk
  • Prepare higher quality food

I’m sure there are some other things I could add to this list. Do let me know if can think of any.

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