Not a bad plan

So the blisters are almost gone and the ache in my legs has receded.

I need to keep moving so I’ve thought about what I get enjoyment from. I enjoyed walking in new, out of town places but didn’t enjoy the pace. Walking with that group of people probably isn’t a possibility until my fitness increases and (hopefully) my pace with it.

So walking in picturesque surroundings… check.

Remembering a few years back I also got a huge kick from completing my cycling training routes. The long distance routes were enjoyable but the pressure to finish and to be as fast as others (or at least faster than I was) didn’t make these rides so enjoyable. So again cycling to increase my fitness so that I can comfortably achieve the long distance routes is something that I think I would enjoy doing.

(Side thought: “something that I think I would enjoy doing”. I just read that back and am not happy with my wording. I know I enjoyed finishing these training routes. Just ask The Man about my excitement. I remember it clearly yet I’ve been vague and hesitant about doing this again. This might be a big reason why I don’t get active. I’m not being positive and making active decisions; I’m shying away from it. What I’m I afraid of? Need to think a little bit more about that and re-read some previous posts.)

Side note aside I also enjoy eating and when I put my mind to it I enjoy cooking, so add that to my planning tendencies I should have no problems with planning, cooking and eating.

I’ve arrange a weight check with Nurse A. I enjoy the good chat and positive reinforcement there.

So I’ve got the following:

  • Walking in picturesque surroundings
  • Cycling to train for long distance routes
  • Planning and cooking my meals
  • Regular weight checks

Not a bad plan!

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