Panic On the Hill!

Out again last night on the bike. 10.6km in 47.5mins – an improvement.

Panic overtook me though, when I had just turned a corner and headed up hill. I fancied a bit of a break to take a breather and some water. Tried to take my left foot out of the pedal (See Be The Bike – Sept 23rd) but it wouldn’t disengage! Already in the move to stop, leaning to that side, foot moving away from me, crank still moving round but the foot just not free to place on the ground. Couldn’t release the right foot either – not that that would have been any use, what with leaning the other way. A strange fear over took me as I realised I’d just have to stay attached for now and keep pedalling. The man was giving me encouragement, although I’m not sure he realised quite the panic I was in. What if I couldn’t get my foot out of the clip even at the top of the hill? What would I do then? Thought’s a falling in the back garden came back to me, but I realised the hard concrete of the path would not be as friendly as the soft grass at home. Uh oh! So now I had the normal challenge of the hill mixed with a fear of being stuck to the bike forever. Not a good combination.

I’d not thought someone nagging me to keep going would really help, thinking it would be repetitive annoyance, but it did help to have him there keeping me going. It was good as well to talk about the panic when I had, finally, managed to stop (without falling:). A change to the cleat position on the other foot is our current theory on the pedal attachment. And what’s the worse that can happen if I fall off going up a hill. The Man suggested I might break my collar bone. I thinking at that speed I much more likely to just rub my knee and elbow raw. So really it’s just the fear of the pain that holds me back.

For the rest of the cycle, whenever I found the going hard, I heard the Man chanting in my mind – “keep going, keep going, keep going”.

And do you know what – I did! 

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