Slave to Food

Just watched episode one of Claire Richards’ Slave to Food and it has left me slightly unsettled, but I’m just not sure why.

Pressure on Claire started before she was in Steps, with weight loss being a prerequisite of getting the job. She admits that she always thought she was the fat one and you can tell she still has a issue with this. The pressure of her job, the industry and the press can only have added to this. (I have to say I always thought of her as one of the ones who could sing!)

The magazine women showed this exactly. The photo-shoot would be pulled if Claire had not reached the goal. The interesting thing was the statement that they don’t put fat people in a photo-shoot because people don’t want to see fat. This was followed by the statement that the issue with the big Claire was a best seller. So, a picture of a non-skinny celebrity did not put people off buying the magazine, in fact it may well have increased sales. So what was the buying decision? That readers connect with Claire, the yo-yo dieter, or that readers want to see the fall of a skinny celeb? I really hope this was the former.

It was good to see that exercise was one focus for her weight loss but this seemed to be as pressure from the magazine. What the episode didn’t show was her emotion after the workouts. I hope that this is looked at in the coming episodes. (I think I’m looking for a reminder of the good feeling I get after working out as a motivational tool!)

Claire touched on her emotional connection with food. Understanding this is surely the first step to combating weight issues and food addiction. With regard to the food Claire was eating, I hope the editor of the coming episodes doesn’t focus on the fad dieting and the outcome is a positive healthy balance for Claire.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series and hope I’m not disappointed.

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