Testing the City

I’m in The City again today, and today should be the test of how I really feel about it.

The to-do list is pretty complicated today so I could have easily made an number of excuses to avoid the travelling. I could feel them slipping into my mind when I wasn’t looking. Postive Mental Attitude kept me on track and I managed to make it to the train station with pumpkin soup in bag and time in hand.

Train was running two mintues late when I got there… 15 minute late when it finally arrived, just as it started to rain. Was today going to test my resolve? No choice but to stand today but –  last on, first off, so no compaints there.

PMA continued with me when I reached the stairs and walked all the way up to the 4th floor. Feeling proud of myself 🙂

So what looked like turning out to be a difficult day has given me a chance to prove to me that it doesn’t matter and that the world won’t end.

Sun is out now and the PMA is still working – as I should be.

Categories: motivation, ponderings, walking