The Lost art of Eating Oranges

I’m quite proud that I can cut up my own food.

When I was a kid, and I hadn’t quite mastered how to use the knife and fork together, it was quite exceptable for my mum (bless her) to lean over the dinner table and cut up my food so I could just take the fork and shovel away.

When I’m old and wrinkly, with arthritus and no memory of how to use my knife and fork together, it will also be quite acceptable for someone to do the job for me. I’ll not be too happy and may feel I’m loosing my pride, but society will be understanding.

I get the feeling that modern consumerism is taking our pride away from us altogether. Why is there a need to have all our food pre-prepared. The satsuma is making great sales as we avoid the fun of peeling our own oranges and the other day I saw an individual sachet of Smash (Think mash, get Smash). I have to admit I loved the idea (and made a purchase) but now I’m thinking.. What is the world coming to?

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